My name is Gabriele Vanetti, I was born the 15th of May 1984 in Varese, where I still live.

Since I was a boy I’ve always been attracted by photography’s world, any kind, and by how a simple photo managed to stir up in me emotions or impress memories in my mind.

Thanks to my father I came close to this universe, he passed me this great passion; with his Olimpus analogical he made million of slides, one more beautiful than other.

As my interest, at 14 my first camera had been given to me, which I started to immerse myself totally in this fantastic world with.

I travelled with my parents and their camper all around Europe and I always took with me my little camera taking continually photos to anything came under fire.

Years passed by and with them different cameras too; unfortunately I was still a student when first digital cameras came out and I couldn’t afford them, until I started to work and in May 2007 I presented myself my first digital camera, a Canon EOS 450D.

With this camera I started to experiment with different types of photography from landscapes to portraits, nude and still life and I deepened my knowledge thanks to photographers friends’ precious advice and taking lots of photos.

Today my kit has become exponentially larger, as the works I’m involved in, the fact that photography is my biggest passion remains.

Every photo is a new discovery, a way to know and to know each other, it allows me to grow emotionally and culturally.

Photography means write/draw with light, in fact is exactly the light one of the aspects I care the most when I take a photo, besides the composition.

Special thanks goes to my family that I have always supported and encouraged to cultivate this passion, and many thanks to my girlfriend who has always helped me!
Stop writing now. I sincerely thank you for the visit and I invite you to discover the entire site, and I hope I give you a pleasant moment. Don’t hesitate contacting me for information/advice …etc…

See you soon